The Birth of a Beautiful Dream

Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina. The Picasso of the automobile world. Having designed some of the world’s finest automobiles, he had always dreamt of creating a car exquisite enough to bear his name. And on March 4th, as Automobili Pininfarina unveiled Battista, the world witnessed the future of the automobile. And the birth of a beautiful dream.

The Hypercar of the Future

With energising performance derived from optimised aerodynamics, ground-breaking engineering solutions and the extreme yet manageable power that electrification offers, Battista truly is the future.
An Equilibrium of Extremes
It’s bold. It’s beautiful. And it’s breathtakingly powerful. With Battista, we intend to push the boundaries of what’s possible. To change the way the world perceives a hypercar. To achieve an equilibrium of extremes never seen before.
Picture this. Battista will produce nearly twice the power of a Formula 1 race car. And will do this using cutting-edge all-electric Formula E technology. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what our illustrious team of developers, along with our development driver, motorsport champion Nick Heidfeld, have managed to achieve. Battista has proven that you can be passionate about motorsports and sustainable innovation, at the same time.
Pininfarina has always been synonymous with the designs of the future. Now, with Battista, we intend to create the technology of the future too. With an all-electric battery and a motor that drives each wheel, Battista combines extreme performance with zero emissions. A feat that would simply be impossible to achieve with internal combustion technology. With 1900 horsepower and 2300 Nm of torque generated by its pure electric powertrain, Battista truly is the hyper-GT of the future.
Hypercars. And practicality. Two words that never belonged in the same conversation. But that’s just about to change. The technology that drives Battista can charge its batteries up to 80% in under 30 minutes, while churning out a range of up to 450 kilometers on a single charge.
Carbon Fibre
To create the car of the future, we needed to look at the material of the future – carbon fibre. Ten times stronger yet 5 times lighter than steel, it made Battista’s monocoque design considerably lighter and gave it the structural rigidity that was needed to create the hypercar of the future.


Breathtakingly beautiful, from every angle.

Masters at Work

With Battista, we want to give our customers an experience that’s unlike anything they have ever known. Which is why we have assembled a truly global team of the most illustrious business, technical and design innovators spanning across 13 countries.
“We have developed a sophisticated brief to deliver a ground-breaking all-electric hyper GT car to clients from 2020, and now we are curating the network partners to deliver this dream. The results will be electrifying for owners of Automobili Pininfarina cars in the future! For Automobili Pininfarina, it will form the cornerstone of our ambition to become the world’s most admired luxury electric vehicle company.”

Michael Perschke

Chief Executive Officer
Automobili Pininfarina
“We want the future owners of Battista to develop a relationship with this car and be proud of its provenance and what it says about them. So the design execution will deliver both a reassuringly luxurious, comfortable and entertaining interior, and a traditional ‘Pininfarina’ experience as a whole. Pininfarina SpA’s historic values of elegance and simplicity provide us with a great opportunity to stand out from the design of most current supercars and hypercars.”

Luca Borgogno

Chief Design Officer
“The opportunity to join the Automobili Pininfarina family and develop cars that will deliver performance unlike anything before them is fantastic. I will continue to race next year and I am looking forward to sharing my motorsport knowledge with the new engineering and design team at Automobili Pininfarina, which will support their ambition to create beautiful sports and luxury cars offering electrifying performance on road and circuit."

Nick Heidfeld

Development Driver
Automobili Pininfarina
“At Automobili Pininfarina, we want to provide our clients a lot of excitement, a unique driving experience. For that, cars will have to change. From the older internal combustion engines, we want to move to a new generation of all-electric powertrains. That, we believe, is the future of the hypercar.”

Dr. Peter Tutzer

Technical Advisor
Automobili Pininfarina
“Now is the perfect time to transform the industry and I want to contribute a little to the bigger picture, and push something in the right direction. With Battista, we are sustainably creating a more powerful hypercar than any before it, with absolutely zero emissions from its innovative all-electric powertrain.”

Dr. Christian Jung

Chief Technical Officer
"The time has come for an unbelievable fully electrified hypercar-dream. We now have the first time ever all the right ingredients: the necessary cutting edge technology with an amazing design, and talented people and experts behind it to make the performance dream come true. We are ready to write Automobili Pininfarina history.”

René-Christopher Wollmann

Product Platform Director Sportscars

PURA: Design DNA

We believe that the purest creations are those where the design, the driving experience, the passenger experience and engineering, all play an equal role. This design purity where form and function are inseparable, defines Automobili Pininfarina’s design.
Timeless Design

Lancia Astura Bocca, 1936

This car perfectly epitomizes Pininfarina’s pre-war period aesthetic: restrained elegance with simple but precise details.
Innovation in Aesthetics

Cisitalia 202, 1947

Unveiled in 1947, this was the first car to be part of the permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
Purity. Beauty. Rarity.

Dino Berlinetta Speciale, 1965

Perhaps the most extraordinarily pretty car on the planet, it spawned a number of best-loved models from Ferrari’s illustrious catalogue.
Aesthetics and Functionality

Pininfarina Modulo, 1970

A futuristic car that broke the fetters of the traditional style language; quite representative of the mood of the early seventies.

Sketched By

Luca Borgogno
“There is a purity in our ambition, the styling of our cars and our engineering focus on emissions-free sustainable performance. We have termed this ‘PURA’, and it will define everything we do in the coming years.”


Join us. We will make history.
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